Molecular Regulation of Angiogenesis and Vascular Homeostasis

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Very Cool-Jan2016

Three of our undergraduates:  Victoria, Dai and Jonathan attended the MCDB retreat at Lake Arrowhead.  All three won poster awards (note these were the only awards given to undergraduates at the retreat).  We are extremely proud of their commitment to research and their accomplishments. Go Undergrads!!

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In a paper published by Anais Briot (post-doctoral fellow alum) we found that endothelial NOTCH1 is required to maintain a non-inflammatory status of the endothelium. Inactivation of Notch1 in mice increases monocyte binding in vitro and in vivo. Reference: Briot et al., Journal of Experimental Medicine 212:2147-63, 2015.

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Very Cool

Anais Briot, Ph.D. postdoctoral fellow in the lab (2010 – 2015) moved back to France to initiate her own program at INSERM in Toulouse.  Congratulations Anais!! To fill in our French-connection, Emilie Rannou, Ph.D. just joined the laboratory in January.  Welcome Emilie!!