Honors Collegium 70AL: Gene Discovery Laboratory Spring 2011

sponsored by National Science Foundation

Honors Collegium 70AL
Gene Discovery Laboratory
Professor Bob Goldberg
Spring 2011

Final Symposium Schedule


(Click on the topic of each presentation to download the pdf file of presentations.)

Session I – Investigating Seed Development: Importance, Methods, & Plant Systems (60 minutes)

1.   Introduction to Seed Development and Arabidopsis Embryo Development & Arabidopsis as a Model System to Study Plant Genes (30 minutes)
        Presented by Pauline, Hanbee, and Mike

2.   Introduction to the Methods and Approaches Used to Identify and Study Arabidopsis Seed Knock–Out Mutations and Isolate Upstream Gene Regions (30 minutes)
        Presented by Krista, Reece, and Lauren

Break (10 minutes)

Session II – Investigating Arabidopsis Compartment-Specific Seed Transcription Factor Genes: Expression, Knock–Out Mutations, & Promoter Cloning (90 Minutes)

1.   What Role do HOX7D and MYB98 Play in Seed Development? (15 minutes)
        Presented by Krista Perry

2.   Investigation of HISN2 and DREB Transcription Factors (15 minutes)
        Presented by Lauren Daoust

3.   What are the Functions of TanMei Gene and Homeodomain-like Superfamily Protein Gene? (15 minutes)
        Presented by Reece Fenning

4.   Of EMB2777 and F14J22.20 (15 minutes)
        Presented by Hanbee O

5.   What are the Functions of AT1G01040 and AT4G00950? (15 minutes)
        Presented by Mike Lynos

6.   What are the Roles of Titan1 and APRR2 Genes in Seed Developement? (15 minutes)
        Presented by Pauline Do