Honors Collegium 70A
Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Law, & Agriculture
Winter 2012

Professor Bob Goldberg


Course Documents

Course Info:
  Units: 5.0
  Lectures: Tues & Thurs : 3:30 - 6:00 PM
  Discussions: Wed : 1:00 - 2:50 PM Eden Maloney (La Kretz 100)
Wed : 3:00 - 4:50 PM Elaine Chiu (La Kretz 100)
Wed : 5:00 - 6:50 PM Lulu Pantin (La Kretz 100)
  Location: La Kretz 120
Class Video
Class Syllabus

Class Handouts and Powerpoint Presentation

Week 1


01/10/12 - Lecture-1 Handout(ppt): The Age of DNA: What is Genetic Engineering? (Part One)

01/12/12 - Film:  Race for the Double Helix


Week 2


01/17/12 - Lecture-2 Handout(ppt): The Age of DNA: What is Genetic Engineering? (Part Two)

01/19/12 - Film:  The Lysenko Affair; History's Harvest: Anti-Science


Week 3


01/24/12 - Lecture-3 Handout(ppt): What Are Genes & How Do They Work: (Part One)


01/26/12 - Guest Speaker Handout(ppt) by C.S. Prakash: Engineering Crops for the Developing World

Week 4


01/31/12 - Lecture-4 Handout(ppt): What Are Genes & How Do They Work: (Part Two)


02/02/12 - Guest Speaker Handout(ppt) by Harry Klann: An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis & Crime Scene Investigation

Week 5


02/07/12 - Lecture-5 Handout(ppt): What Are Genes & How Do They Work (Part 3)


02/09/12 - Guest Speaker Handout(ppt) by Robert Wayne: Engineering of the Dog and Its Wild Relatives

Week 6


02/16/12 - Lecture-6 Handout(ppt): The Nuts & Bolts of Genetic Engineering: The Factor VIII Story - From Gene to Drug

Week 7


02/21/12 - Lecture-7 Handout(ppt): Your Personal Genome & Tracing Your Ancestry Part


02/23/12 - Guest Speaker Handout (ppt) by Pei Yun Lee: Stem Cell Biology and Ethics

Week 8


02/28/12 - Lecture 8 Handout (ppt) by John Harada: Human Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy


03/01/12 - Guest Speaker Handout(ppt) by Michele Evans: Infertility, In-vitro Fertilization, and Genetic Testing

Week 9


03/06/12 - Lecture-9 Handout(ppt): Science and the Constitution: Regulating Science & Genetic Engineering

03/08/12 - Film:  Extraordinary Measures

Week 10


03/13/12 - Lecture 10 Handout(ppt): Science and the Constitution: Who Owns Your Genes?

Guest Speakers (Click on the name for information about the speaker)
  Dr. Channapatna Prakash, Ph.D.
Professor in Plant Molecular Genetics, Tuskegee University
Title: Engineering Crops for the Developing World

  Harry Klann
Supervising Criminalist, LAPD
Title: An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis & Crime Scene Investigation
  Dr. Robert Wayne, Ph.D.
UCLA Professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Title: Engineering of the Dog and Its Wild Relatives/font>
  Dr. PeiYun Lee, Ph.D.
UCLA Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Title: Stem Cells - Promise, Reality, and Conflict
  Dr. Michele Evans, M.D., FACOG
Reproductive Specialist, Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles
Title: In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), and Genetic Testing
Articles For Discussion
Discussion One: The Basics of Genetic Engineering

Stanley N. Cohen
The Manipulation of Genes.
Scientific American, July, 1975, 233 (1), 24-33.

Clifford Grobstein
The Recombinant DNA Debate.
Scientific American, July, 1977, 237 (1) 22-33.
Frederic Golden
Shaping Life in the Lab.
Time Magazine, March 9, 1981, 1-13.
Discussion Two: Using Genetic Engineering to Make Drugs in Bacteria
Walter Gilbert and Lydia Villa-Komaroff
Useful Proteins From Recombinant Bacteria.
Scientific American, April, 1980, 242 (4), 74-94.
Discussion Three: Using Genetic Engineering to Make Better Crops.
Charles S. Gasser and Robert T. Fraley
Transgenic Crops.
Scientific American, June, 1992, 266 (6), 62-69.
Terri Raney and Prabhu Pingali
Sowing a Gene Revolution.
Scientific American, September, 2007, 297 (3), 104-111.
William H.R. Langridge
Edible Vaccines.
Scientific American, September, 2000, 283 (3), 66-71.
C.S. Prakash
The Genetically Modified Crop Debate
Plant Physiology, Vol. 126 (May 2001), 8-15.

Discussion Four: Identifying and Testing for Human Disease Genes
Ray White and Jean-Marc Lalouel
Chromosome Mapping with DNA Markers.
Scientific American , February, 1988, 258 (2), 40-48.
Mark A. Rothstein
Keeping Your Genes Private.
Scientific American , September, 2008, 299 (3), 64-69.
Melinda W. Moyer
Too Much Information.
Scientific American , April, 2011, 304 (4), 27.
Discussion Five: DNA Testing in the Courtroom
Peter J. Neufeld and Neville Colman
When Science Takes the Witness Stand.
Scientific American, May 1990, 262 (5), 46-53.
Sheldon Krimsky and Tania Simoncelli
DNA and Justice Denied.
LA Times, December 22, 2010.
Greg Miller
Familial DNA Testing
Science, Vol. 329, (July 16, 2010), 262.
Christine Soares
Portrait in DNA

Scientific American, (May 2010), 14&17.
Discussion Six: Using Genetic Engineering to Make Drugs in Farm Animals
William H. Velander, Henryk Lubon, and William N. Drohan
Transgenic Livestock as Drug Factories.
Scientic American, January, 1997, 276 (1), 70-74.
Ian Wilmot
Cloning For Medicine.
Scientific American, December 1998, 279 (6), 58-63.
Gary Stix
The Land of Milk & Honey
Scientific American, November 2005, 293 (5), 102-104.
Discussion Seven: Stem Cells: Studying and Curing Human Diseases/b>
Clive Cookson et al.,
The Future of Stem Cells
Scientific American Special Report, July 2005, A6-A21.
Konrad Hochedlinger
Your Inner Healers
Scientific American, May 2010, 302 (4), 47-53.
Stephen S. Hall
Diseases in a Dish
Scientific American, March 2011, 304(3) 41-45. 
Robin Marantz Henig
Pandora's Baby
Scientific American, June 2003, 266 (6), 63-68. 
Discussion Eight: Human Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy
Theodore Friedman
Overcoming the Obstacles to Gene Therapy.
Scientific American, June, 1997, 276 (6), 96-101.
Matthew P. Morrow and David B. Weiner
DNA Drugs Come of Age

Scientific American, July, 2010, 303 (1), 48-53.
Steve Mirsky and John Rennie
What Cloning Means for Gene Therapy?

Scientific American, June, 1997, 276 (6), 122-123.
Discussion Nine: Using DNA to Trace Ancestry and Human Origins
Gary Stix
Traces of a Distant Past
Scientific American, July 2008, 298 (6), 56-63.
Jonathan K. Pritchard
How We Are Evolving
Scientific American, October 2010, 303 (4), 41-47.
Emily Anthes
3 Diseases We May Be Able to Blame on Our Ancient Ancestors
Discover Magazine, December 2008.
Discussion Ten: Understanding and Defeating Cancer
Webster K. Cavenee and Raymond L. White
The Genetic Basis of Cancer..
Scientific American, March 1995, 273 (3), 72-79.
Jeff Wheelwright
Cancer's Wandering Genes.
Discover Magazine, December 2011, 64-70.
Francis S. Collins and Anna D. Barker
Mapping the Cancer Genome.
Scientific American, October, 2007, 296 (3), 50-57.