Honors Collegium 70A
Genetic Engineering in Medicine, Law, & Agriculture
Spring 2015

Professor Bob Goldberg


Course Documents

Course Info:
  Units: 5.0
  Lectures: Tuesday & Thursday : 3:30 - 6:00 PM
  Location: La Kretz 120
  Discussions: Wednesday: 1:00 - 3:00 PM William Barshop (La Kretz 100)
Wednesday: 3:00 - 5:00 PM Dominic Saadi (La Kretz 100)
Wednesday: 5:00 - 7:00 PM Dominic Lucido (La Kretz 100)

  Office Hours: Monday: 3:00PM - 5:00PM Dominic Lucido (Hershey Hall 318)
Tuesday: 1:00PM - 3:00PM Dominic Saadi (Hershey Hall 318)
Friday: 2:00PM - 4:00PM William Barshop (Hershey Hall 318)
Monday: 12:00PM - 1:00PM Dr. Bob Goldberg (Terasaki Life Sci 4121)
Class Video
Class Syllabus

Class Handouts and Powerpoint Presentation

Week 1


03/31/15 - Lecture One Handout (pdf): The Age of DNA: What is Genetic Engineering? (Part One)
04/02/15 - Film:  Gene Egineers: Playing God


Week 2


04/07/15 - Lecture Two Handout (pdf): The Age of DNA: What is Genetic Engineering? (Part Two)
04/09/15 - Film:  Race for the Double Helix


Week 3


04/14/15 - Lecture Three Handout (pdf): What Are Genes & How Do They Work: (Part One)
04/16/15 - Guest Speaker Handout (pdf):
                  Engineering Crops For the Developing World by Dr. Prakash
                  GMO and Public Policy by Dr. McHughen


Week 4


04/21/15 - Lecture Four Handout (pdf): What Are Genes & How Do They Work: (Part Two)
04/23/15 - Film:  Conviction


Week 5


04/28/15 - Lecture Five Handout (pdf): The Nuts $amp; Bolts of Genetic Engineering: The Factor VIII Story From Gene To Drug
04/30/15 - Guest Speaker Handout (pdf): An Introduction to DNA Forensics Analysis & Crime Scene Investigation by Harry Klann from LAPD DNA Unit


Week 6


05/05/15 - All-Class Midterm Oral Exam
05/07/15 - Lecture Six Handout (pdf): Twenty-First Century Genetic Engineering Applications


Week 7


05/12/15 - Lecture Seven Handout (pdf): Age of Genomics-Identifying Individuals Past & Present Using DNA
05/14/15 - Guest Speaker Handout (pdf): In Vitro Fertilization & Genetic Testing by Dr. Michele Evans


Week 8


05/19/14 - Lecture Eight Handout (pdf) by Dr. John Harada: Human Genetic Engineering & Gene Therapy
05/21/15 - Guest Speaker Handout (pdf): Stem Cell Biology and Ethics by Dr. Pei Yun Lee


Week 9


05/26/15 - Lecture Nine Handout (pdf): Science & the Constitution: Regulating Science & GMO
05/28/15 - Lecture Ten Handout (pdf): Science & the Constitution: Who Owns Your Genes?

Week 10


06/02/15 - Final All-Class Oral Exam

Guest Speakers (Click on the name for information about the speaker)
  Dr. Channapatna Prakash, Ph.D.
Professor in Plant Molecular Genetics, Tuskegee University
Title: Engineering Crops for the Developing World

  Dr. Alan McHughen, Ph.D.
CE Plant Biotechnologist, Department of Plant Sciences, UC Riverside
Title: GMO and Public Policy

  Dr. PeiYun Lee, Ph.D.
UCLA Department of Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Title: Stem Cells Biology and Ethics
  Dr. Michele Evans, M.D., FACOG
Reproductive Specialist, Pacific Fertility Center Los Angeles
Title: In Vitro Fertilization & Genetic Testing
  Harry Klann
Supervising Criminologist, DNA Unit, LAPD
Title: DNA Forensics & The Law
Articles For Discussion
Discussion One: Scientific Origins of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology - 1
(click here to download the articles)
1. Stanley N. Cohen, The Manipulation of Genes, Scientific American, June, 1992, 233(1), 24-33.
2. Stanley N. Cohen, DNA Cloning: A personal view after 40 years, PNAS, September 23, 2013, 110(39), 15521-15529.
3. Clifford Grobstein, The Recombinant DNA Debate, Scientific American, July, 1977, 237(1), 22-33.
Discussion Two: Scientific Origins of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology - 2
(click here to download the articles)
1. Walter Gilbert and Lydia Villa-Komaroff, Useful Proteins From Recombinant Bacteria, Scientific American, April, 1980, 242(4), 74-94.
Discussion Three: Crop Genetic Engineering
(click here to download the articles)
1. Charles S. Gasser and Robert T. Fraley, Transgenic Crops, Scientific American, June, 1992, 266(6), 62-69.
2. David H. Freedman, Are Engineered Foods Evil?, Scientific American, September, 2013, 80-85.
3. Mark Lynas, Lecture to Oxford Farming Conference, www.marklynas.org/2013/01/lecture-to-oxford-farming-conference-3-january-2013/.

Discussion Four: How to Mark Your Genes
(click here to download the articles)
1. Ray White & Jean-Marc Lalouel, Chromosome Mapping with DNA Markers, Scientific American, February 1988, 258(2), 40-48.
2. Mark A. Rothstein, Keeping Your Genes Private, Scientific American, September 2008, 299(3), 64-69.
3. Melissa Healy, DNA Sequencer raises doctors' hopes for personalized medicine, LA Times, January 3, 2014.
4. Bonnie Rochman, The DNA Dilemma: A Test That Could Change Your Life, Time Magzine, December 24, 2012.
5. Andrew Pollack, DNA Blueprint for Fetus Built Using Tests of Parents, New York Time, June 6, 2012.
Discussion Five: DNA and the Law
(click here to download the articles)
1. Peter J. Neufeld & Neville Coleman, When Science Takes the Witness Stand, Scientific American, May, 1990, 262(5), 46-53.
2. Caitlin Smith, Stephen Strauss, & Laura DeFrancesco, DNA Goes to Court, Nature Biotechnology, November, 2012, 30(11), 1047-1052.
3. Clyde Haberman, DNA Analysis Exposes Flaws in an Inexact Forensic Science, The New York Times, May 18, 2014.
Discussion Six: Animal Genetic Engineering
(click here to download the articles)
1. William H. Velander, Henryk Lubon, & William N. Drohan, Transgenic Livestock as Drug Factories, Scientific American, January 1997, 276(1), 70-74.
2. Gary Stix, The Land of Milk & Honey, Scientific American, November 2005, 293(5), 102-104.
3. New Antithrombin Drug, ATryn, Approved by FDA, National Blot Clot Alliance Website.
4. Ian Wilmot, Cloning For Medicine, Scientific American, December 1998, 279(6), 58-63.
5. GM Salmon: FDA's Assessment of Risks, Los Angeles Times, December 24, 2012.
6. Amy Maxmen, Politics Holds Back Animal Engineers, Nature, October 18, 2012, 490, 318-319.
Discussion Seven: Stem Cells & Genetic Engineering
(click here to download the articles)
1. Clive Cookson et al., The Future of Stem Cells. Scientific American Special Report, July, 2005, A6-A21.
2. Konrad Hochedlinger, Your Inner Healers. Scientific American, May, 2010, 302(4), 47-53.
3. Stephen S. Hall, Diseases in a Dish. Scientific American, March, 2011, 304(3), 41-45.
4. Robin Marantz Henig, Pandora's Baby. Scientific American, June, 2003, 266(6), 63-68.
Discussion Eight: Human Genetic Engineering
(click here to download the articles)
1. Inder M. Verma, Gene Therapy. Scientific American, November, 1990, 263(5), 68-84.
2. Rick Lewis, Gene Therapy's Second Act Scientific American, March 1, 2014, 310(3).
3. Margaret Knox, Is the Gene-Editing Revolution Finally Here? Scientific American, November 18, 2014, 311(6).
4. David Cyranoski DNA Editing of Human Embryos Alarms Scientists, Scientific American, March 13, 2015.
Discussion Nine: Patenting Genes
(click here to download the articles)
1. Science: Test-Tube Life: Reg. U.S. Pat. Office, Time Magazine, June 30,1980.
2. Gary Stix, Owning the stuff of Life, Scientific American, February, 2006, 294(2), 76-83.
3. Adam Liptak, Justics, 9-0, Bar Patenting Human Genes, New York Times, June 13, 2013.
4. Albert Wai-Kit Chan et. al.,A Patent Perspective on US Stem Cell Research, Nature Biotechnology, July 8, 2014, 32, 633-637
5. Andrew Pollack, Myriad Genetics Ending Patent Dispute on Breast Cancer Risk Testing, The New York Times, Janurary 27, 2015.