Goldberg Lab Members

Bob Goldberg's Curriculum Vitae

1966 B.S. Botany, Ohio University
1969 M.S. Genetics, University of Arizona
1971 Ph.D. Genetics, University of Arizona
2002 - Present Distinguished Professor of Molecular, Cell, & Developmental Biology, UCLA
1983 - 2002 Professor of Biology, UCLA
1978 - 1983 Associate Professor of Biology, UCLA
1976 - 1978 Assistant Professor of Biology, UCLA
1973 - 1976 Assistant Professor of Biology, Wayne State University
1971 - 1973 Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology
2009 Featured in Newsweeks's Annual College Issue "In Search of Great Professors"
2009 Listed in Daily Beast as Teaching "One of the Top Ten Hottest Classes in America
2002 Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) University Professors Award
2001 Honorary Faculty Membership in Golden Key National Honor Society
2000 Listed As One of "Top 20" Professors in UCLA History
1998 UCLA Gold Shield Award for Excellence in Teaching & Research
1992 California Legislative Assembly Recognition Certificate for Distinguished Teaching
1992 UCLA Academic Senate & Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award
1991 Ohio House of Representatives Recognition for Distinguished Teaching and Research
1989 UCLA Cell & Molecular Biology Department Distinguished Teaching Award
1980 UCLA Biology Department Distinguished Teaching Award
2009 UCLA Dean's Recognition Award - Science Faculty Colloquium Lecturer
2007 Elected as a Fellow of the American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
2003 University of Arizona Distinguished Alumni Award
2003 Ohio University Distingished Alumni Award
2002 Howard Hughes medical Institute University Professorship
2001 Elected to National Academy of Sciences
2001 Honorary Membership in Golder Key National Honor Society
2000 Listed as Making One of the "Top 15" Discoveries in UCLA History
1999 UCLA Faculty Research Lectureship
1998 UCLA Gold Shield Award for Excellence in Research and Undergraduate Teaching
1998 National Order of Scientific Merit, President of Brazil
1993 Distinguished Service Award, American Society of Plant Physiologists
1993 Kosuge Memorial Lectureship Award
1991 Philip C. Hamm Memorial Lecture Award
1991 Cleveland Heights Ohio Distinguished Achievement Award
1989 Ohio University Phi Beta Kappa Award
1989 Honorary Professor of Genetics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
1986 Ohio University Medal of Merit for Achievements in Plant Molecular Biology
1984 Chairman, Plant Molecular Biology Gordon Conference
2005-2008 Chair, Section 62, Plant, Soils, and Microbial Biology, National Academy of Sciences
2005-2006 Co-Organizer, Sackler Colloquium on Crop Improvement, National Academy of Sciences
1998-2005 Director, University Of California Seed Institute
1998-2002 Chair, American Society of Plant Biologists Education Foundation
1986-1994 Director, Plant Molecular Biology Program, UCLA
1991 Organizer, UCLA/Dupont Symposium on the Genetic Dissection of Plant Cell Processes
1988 Organizer, UCLA/Dupont Symposium on Plant Development
1987 Program Director, Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology, USDA Competitive Grants Program
1984 Chairman and Organizer, Plant Molecular Biology Gordon Conference
1983 Chairman, Division of Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology, UCLA
1983 Program Director, Genetic Mechanisms for Crop Improvement, USDA Competitive Grants Program
1983 Organizer, UCLA/ARCO Symposium on Plant Molecular Biology
1998-present Sexual Plant Reproduction
2002-2005 Cell Biology Education
1996-2000 Advances in Celular and Molecular Biology of Plants
1995-2000 Trends in Plant Sciences
1988-1993 The Plant Cell (Founding Editor and Editor-in-Chief)
1986-1989 Science
1986 Plant Physiology
1982-1987 Molecular and General Genetics (Co-Editor)
1982-1987 Plant Molecular Biology
1981-1984 Developmental Genetics
2007-2008 Council For Sustainable Bioenergy Production
1994-2002 Weizmann Institute of Science, Scientific Advisory Committee
1994 Developmental Biology Panel, National Science Foundation
1993-1996 National University of Singapore, External Faculty Advisory Committee
1992-1995 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), Science Innovation Advisory Committee
1987 Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology Panel, USDA Competitive Grants Program
1986 American Society of Plant Physiology Journal Revision Committee
1985 Molecular Cytology Study Section, National Institutes of Health
1983 USDA National Policy Advisory Committee
1981-1983 Genetic Mechanisms Panel, USDA Competitive Grants Program
1996-Present Ceres, Inc., Malibu, CA (Co-Founder and Director)
1987-1996 Plant Genetic System, Gent, Belgium
1990-1996 Dupont Corporation, Wilmington, Delaware
1985-1990 Phytogen Inc., Pasadena, California
1985-1987 Calgene Inc., Davis, California
1982-1985 Plant Genetic System, Gent, Belgium
HC70A Genetic Engineering in Agriculture, Medicine, and Law
HC70AL Gene Discovery Laboratory
HC199 Teaching Students How to Teach


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