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Austin Nakano
Phone: 310-267-1897
Office: 490D BSRB
Lab: 461 BSRB


M.D., Kyoto University, 1993
Ph.D., Kyoto University, 2001

Selected Publications

Ayako Shigeta,Vincent Huang,Jonathan Zuo,1Rana Besada,Yasuhiro Nakashima,Yan Lu,Yichen Ding,Matteo Pellegrini,Rajan P. Kulkarni,Tzung Hsiai,Arjun Deb,Bin Zhou,Haruko Nakano,and Atsushi Nakano, "Endocardially-derived macrophages are essential for valvular remodeling", 48: 617-630 (2019).

Kai Fu, Haruko Nakano, Marco ZMorselli, Tiffany Chen, Herman Pappoe, Atsushi Nakano, Matteo Pellegrini, "A temporal transcriptome and methylome in human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes identifies novel regulators of early cardiac development", Epigenetics 13: 1013-1026 (2018).

Steven W. Lee, Allison Anderson, Pilar A. Guzman, Atsushi Nakano, Elena G. Tolkacheva, Kevin Wickm,an, "Atrial GIRK channels mediate the effects of vagus nerve stimulation on heart rate dynamics and arrhythmogenesis", 9 (943): (2018). [link]

Zhu H, Scharnhorst KS, Stieg AZ, Gimzewski JK, Minami I, Nakatsuji N, Nakano H, Nakano A, "Two dimensional electrophysiological characterization of human pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte system", Sci Rep 7: (2017). [link]

Ding Y, Lee J, Ma J, Sung K, Yokota T, Singh N, Dooraghi M, Abiri P, Wang Y, Kulkarni RP, Nakano A, Nguyen TP, Fei P, Hsiai TK., "Light-sheet fluorescence imaging to localize cardiac lineage and protein distribution", Sci Rep 7: (2017). [link]

Sung K, Ding Y, Ma J, Chen H, Huang V, Cheng M, Yang CF, Kim JT, Eguchi D, Di Carlo D, Hsiai TK, Nakano A, Kulkarni RP, "Simplified three-dimensional tissue clearing and incorporation of colorimetric phenotyping", Sci Rep (2016). [link]

Gao, C. Ren, S. Lee, J. H. Qiu, J. Chapski, D. J. Rau, C. D. Zhou, Y. Abdellatif, M. Nakano, A. Vondriska, T. M. Xiao, X. Fu, X. D. Chen, J. N. Wang, Y., "RBFox1-mediated RNA splicing regulates cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure", J Clin Invest (2015). [link]

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