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Hanna Mikkola
Phone: 825-2565
Office: 451B BSRB

Selected Publications

Sadarangani A, Pineda G, Lennon KM, Chun HJ, Shih A, Schairer AE, Court AC, Goff DJ, Prashad SL, Geron I, Wall R, McPherson JD, Moore RA, Pu M, Bao L, Jackson-Fisher A, Munchhof M, VanArsdale T, Reya T, Morris SR, Minden MD, Messer K, Mikkola HK, Marra MA, Hudson TJ, Jamieson CH, "GLI2 inhibition abrogates human leukemia stem cell dormancy", J Transl Med 13 (98): 1-14 (2015).

Calvanese, V., Lee, L.K., Mikkola, H.K., "Sex hormone drives blood stem cell reproduction", EMBO Journal 33: 555-558 (2014).

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Mishra, B.P., Zaffuto, K.M., Artinger, E.L., Org, T., Mikkola, H.K., Cheng, C., Djabali, M., Ernst, P., "The histone methyltransferase activity of MLL1 is dispensable for hematopoiesis and leukemogenesis", Cell Reports 7: 1239-1247 (2014).

Oh P, Lobry C, Gao J, Tikhonova A, Loizou E, Manet J, van Handel B, Ibrahim, S., Greve, J., Mikkola, H., Artavanis-Tsakonas, S., and Aifantis, I., "In vivo mapping of Notch pathway activity in normal and stress hematopoiesis", Cell Stem Cell 13: (2013).

Goddard, L.M., Ton, A.N., Org, T., Mikkola, H.K., Iruela-Arispe, M.L., "Selective suppression of endothelial cytokine production by progesterone receptor", Vascul Pharmacol 59 (1-2): 36-43 (2013).

Nakano, H., Liu, X., Arshi, A., Nakashima, Y., Van Handel, B., Sasidharan, R., Harmon, A.W., Shin, J.-H. Schwartz, R.J., Conway, S., Harvey, R.P., Pashmforoush, M., Mikkola, H.K.A., and Nakano A. . ,, "Hemogenic endocardium contributes to transient definitive hematopoiesis", Nature Communications 4: (2013).

Palomares, K., Vigant, F., Van Handel, B., Pernet, O., Chikere, K., Hong, P., Sherman, S.P., Patterson, M., An, D.S., Lowry, W.E., Mikkola, H.K., Morizono, K., Pyle, A.D., and Lee, B., "Nipah virus envelope pseudotyped lentiviruses efficiently target ephrinB2+ stem cell populations in vitro and bypass the liver sink when administered in vivo", J Virol (2012). [link]

Xu, J., Shao, Z., Glass, K., Bauer, D.E., Pinello, L., Van Handel, B., Hou,S., Stamatoyannopoulos, J.A., Mikkola, H.K.A., Yuan, G.-C. and Orkin, S.H., "Combinatorial assembly of deveopmental stage-specific enhancers controls gene expression programs during human erythropoiesis", Dev. Cell 23: 796-811 (2012).

Kohn, L.A., Hao, Q.-L., Sasidharan, R., Parekh, S., Ge, S., Zhu, J., Mikkola, H.K.A., and Crooks, G.M., "Lymphoid Priming in Human Bone Marrow Begins Prior to CD10 Expression with Up-Regulation of L-selectin", Nature Immunology 13 (10): 963-971 (2012).

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Hyde BB, Liesa M, Elorza AA, Qiu W, Haigh SE, Richey L, Mikkola, H.K., Schlaeger, T.M. and Shirihai, O.S., "The mitochondrial transporter ABC-me (ABCB10), a downstream target of GATA-1, is essential for erythropoiesis in vivo", Cell Death and Differentiation (2012).

Hong, C., Kidani, Y., A-Gonzalez, N., Phung, T., Ito, A., Rong, X., Ericson, K., Mikkola, H., Beaven, S.W., Miller, L.S., Shao, W,H., Cohen, P.L., Castrillo, A,, Tontonoz, P., and Bensinger, S.J., "Coordinate regulation of neutrophil homeostasis by liver X receptors in mice", J. Clin Invest 122 (1): 337-347 (2012).

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