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Jesse Zamudio
Phone: 54176
Office: 450C BSRB


B.S., University of California, Los Angeles, Chemistry & Biochemistry 2003
Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, Microbiology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics 2008

Selected Publications

Bosson A.D. *, Zamudio J.R.*, Sharp P.A., "Endogenous miRNA and target concentrations determine usceptibility to potential ceRNA competition", Molecular Cell 56 (3): 347-359 (2014).

Dimitrova N., Zamudio J.R., Jong R.M., Soukup D., Resnick R., Sarma K., Ward A.J., Raj A., Lee J., Sharp P.A., Jacks T., "The p53-regulated long noncoding RNA, lincRNA-p21 promotes the expression of Polycomb target genes and enforces the G1/S checkpoint by activating p21 in cis", Molecular Cell 54 (5): 777-790 (2014).

Zamudio J.R.*, Kelly T.J.*, Sharp P.A., "Argonaute-bound small RNAs from promoter-proximal RNA Polymerase II", Cell 156 (5): 920-934 (2014).

Sturm N.R., Zamudio J.R., Campbell D.A. (2012), "SL RNA Biogenesis in Kinetoplastids: A Long and Winding Road", In: RNA Metabolism in Trypanosomes (2012).

Flynn R.A.*, Almada A.E.*, Zamudio J.R., Sharp P.A., "Antisense RNA polymerase II divergent transcripts are P-TEFb dependent and substrates for the RNA exosome", Proc. Natl. Sci. USA 26: 10460-10465 (2011).

Werner M, Purta E, Kaminska K.H., Cymerman I.A., Campbell D.A., Mittra B, Zamudio J.R., Sturm N.R., Jaworski J., Bujnicki J.M., "2'-O-ribose methylation of cap2 in human: function and evolution in a horizontally mobile family", Nucleic Acid Res 11: 4756-4768 (2011).

Zamudio J.R., Mittra B., Campbell D.A., Sturm N.R., "Hypermethylated cap 4 maximizes Trypanosoma brucei translation", Mol Micro 5: 1100-1110 (2009).

Zamudio J.R., Mittra B., Wohlschlegel J.A., Sturm N.R., Campbell D.A., "Trypanosoma brucei spliced leader RNA maturation by the cap 1 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase and SLA1 H/ACA snoRNA pseudouridine synthase complex", Mol Cell Biol 5: 1202-1211 (2009).

Mittra B., Zamudio J.R., Bujnicki J.A., Stepinski J., Darzynkiewicz E., Campbell D.A., Sturm N.R., "The TbMTr1 spliced leader RNA cap 1 2'-O-ribose methyltransferase from Trypanosoma brucei acts with substrate specificity", J Biol Chem 6: 3161-3172 (2007).

Zamudio J.R., Mittra B., Foldynová-Trantírková S., Zeiner G.M., Lukes J., Mittra B., Feder M., Bujnicki J.A., Sturm N.R., Campbell D.A., "The methyltransferase for cap 1 2?-O-ribose on Trypanosoma brucei spliced leader and U1 snRNA", Mol Cell Biol 17: 6084-6092 (2007).

Zamudio J.R., Mittra B., Zeiner G.M., Feder M., Bujnicki J.A., Sturm N.R., Campbell D.A., "Complete cap 4 formation is not required for viability in Trypanosoma brucei", Eukaryotic Cell 5: 905-915 (2006).