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raromer's picture
Rafael Romero
Phone: (310) 825-8922
Office: 220C Hershey Hall


B.Sc., Los Andes University (Bogota, Colombia), Biology 1998
Ph.D., UCLA, Neuroscience 2007

Selected Publications

R. Romero-Calderon, E.D. O'Hare, N.A. Suthana, A.A. Scott-Van Zeeland, A. Rizk-Jackson, A. Attar, S. Madsen, C.A. Ghiani, C.J. Evans & J.B. Watson, "Project Brainstorm: Using Neuroscience to Connect College Students with Local Schools", PLOS Biology 10 (4): (2012).

E.S. Brooks, C.L. Greer, R. Romero-Calderon, C.N. Serway, A. Grygoruk, J.M. Haimovitz, B.T. Nguyen, R.A. Najibi, C.J. Tabone, S.J. de Belle & D.E. Krantz, "A putative Vesicular Transporter Expressed in Drosophila Mushroom Bodies That Mediates Sexual Behavior May Define a Neurotransmitter System", Neuron 72 (2): 316-329 (2011).

H. Fei, D.M. Chow, A. Chen, R. Romero-Calderon, W.S. Ong, L.C. Ackerson, N.T. Maidment, J.H. Simpson, M.A. Frye & D.E. Krantz, "Mutation of the Drosophila Vesicular GABA Transporter Disrupts Visual Figure Detection", Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (Pt 10): 1717-1730 (2010).

I.E. Clark*, R. Romero-Calderon*, J.M. Olson, L. Jaworski, D. Lopatto & U. Banerjee, "Deconstructing Scientific Research: A Practical and Scalable Pedagogical Tool to Provide Evidence-Based Science Instruction", PLOS Biology 7 (12): (2009).

A.F. Simon, R. Daniels, R. Romero-Calderon, A. Grygoruk, H.Y. Chang, R. Najibi, D. Shamouelian, E.D. Salazar, M. Solomon, L.C. Ackerson, N.T. Maidment, A. Diantonio & D.E. Krantz, "Drosophila Vesicular Monoamine Transporter Mutants can adapt to Reduced or Eliminated Vesicular Stores of Dopamine and Serotonin", Genetics 181 (2): 525-541 (2009).

R. Romero-Calderon*, G. Uhlenbrock*, J. Borycz*, A.F. Simon, A. Grygoruk, S.K. Yee, A. Shyer, L.C. Ackerson, N.T. Maidment, I.A. Meinertzhagen, B.T. Hovemann & D.E. Krantz, "A Glial Variant of the Vesicular Monoamine Transporter is Required to Store Histamine in the Drosophila Visual System", PLOS Genetics 4 (11): (2008).

R. Romero-Calderon, R.M. Shome, A.F. Simon, W. Richards, A. DiAntonio & D.E. Krantz, "A Screen for Neurotransmitter Transporters Expressed in the Visual System of Drosophila melanogaster Identifies Three Novel Genes", Developmental Neurobiology 67 (5): 550-569 (2007).

J.M. Falcon-Perez, R. Romero-Calderon, E.S. Brooks, D.E. Krantz & E.C. Dell'Angelica, "The Drosophila Pigmentation Gene pink (p) Encodes a Homolog of Human Hermansky-Pudlak Syndrome 5 (HPS5)", Traffic 8 (2): 154-168 (2007).

R. Romero-Calderon & D.E. Krantz, "Transport of Polyamines in Drosophila S2 Cells: Kinetics, Pharmacology and Dependence on Proton Gradient across the Plasma Membrane", Biochemical Journal 393 (Pt 2): 583-589 (2006).

C. Greer, A. Grygoruk, D.E. Patton, B. Ley, R. Romero-Calderon, H-Y Chang, R. Houshyar, R.J. Bainton, A. DiAntonio & D.E. Krantz, "A splice Variant of the Drosophila Vesicular Monoamine Transporter Contains a Conserved Trafficking Domain and Functions in the Storage of Dopamine, Serotonin and Octopamine", Journal of Neurobiology 64 (3): 239-258 (2005).