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Siobhan Braybrook
Office: 5121 Teresaki Life Sciences
Lab: 5021 Teresaki Life Sciences


B.Sc, University of Guelph, Plant Biology 2003
Ph.D., University of California, Davis, Plant Molecular Biology 2008

Research Interests

The Braybrook Group at UCLA studies the generation of form in walled organisms.

In all organisms, the growing of a shape is a complex process requiring specific gene products, signalling, mechanical alterations, and coordination of cell growth. Our Team addresses this fundamental process in biology using a multidisciplinary approach including plant physiology, biochemistry, genetics, molecular biology, materials science, and physics. We focus on understanding how shapes are generated in walled organisms: plants and algae.

For a plant and algal cells, the cell wall is the main structural element, controlling shape and growth of the cell and therefore tissue as a whole. Recent work has correlated key aspects of organ growth and shape generation, in plants, with mechanical properties of tissues and cell walls. Our Team has two main goals: 1) to understand the mechanics of shape growth in plants and algae, and 2) to understand the cell wall as a dynamic composite material.

Selected Publications

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