Transfer Students

How many classes should I enroll in for my first quarter?
Enroll in three courses, two science classes (Life Sci, Math, Chem, or Physics) and one upper division non-science class. We strongly discourage you from taking more than two science courses in your first quarter while you're adjusting to the quarter system. The third class will provide you with full-time student status without overloading you in your first quarter. You will need those non-major upper division units in any case, since you will need 60 upper division units at UCLA in order to graduate, and the major does not provide that many.

How do my courses transfer?
You can check this even before you transfer by going to Biology or Life Sciences courses have varying equivalencies depending on where you took them. Check with the MCDB counselor for equivalencies.

If you took two semesters of calculus, this equals three quarters here (only two of which will show up on your Degree Progress Report at first, but we'll correct this). You don't have to take Math 3C or 32A if you have already had two semesters of calculus! One semester of calculus equals Math 3A or 31A.

If you took two semesters of general chemistry with lab, this is usually equal to the entire general chemistry series at UCLA. You should go on to take Chem 30A, 30B, 30BLfor organic chemistry, and then Chem 153A and 153L (biochemistry). Note that if you are pre-med or pre-pharmacy, you will need to also take Chem 30C (and sometimes 30CL) to complete all the topics in organic chemistry that the professional schools require.

If you also took two semesters of organic chemistry with lab, this is usually equal to Chem 30A/30B/30BL/30C/30CL, with a few exceptions. If you've taken only one semester of organic chemistry with lab, you will need to go on to take Chem 30B to complete organic chemistry, then on to Chem 153A and 153L for biochemistry. Some schools have a one-semester organic chemistry course that counts for our whole organic chemistry series. Check with the MCDB counselor if you're not sure.

If you took biochemistry with a lab, we will credit you with Chem 153A and 153L.

If you took three semesters of CALCULUS-based physics, this is usually equal to the 6 or 1 series. Check your DPR. If you took less than this, go to the Physics office at UCLA (310-825-2453, Knudsen 3-160) and get written confirmation of your equivalency, then bring it to the MCDB Undergraduate Office and we'll credit your DPR. (Some community colleges have a two-semester physics series that is equivalent to 6ABC - check with the MCDB counselor.) If you've taken two semesters of TRIGONOMETRY-based physics, this will show up on your DPR as Physics 3ABC, and you must take either Physics 6B OR 6C here (not both) to complete your requirement. (Calculus-based physics is a non-negotiable requirement for MCDB undergrads at UCLA.)

When should I see a counselor?
We recommend you come in to the MCDB Undergraduate Office to go over your Degree Progress Report at least once a quarter, and we require that you come in during your first quarter. You can come in any time with questions. You don't need an appointment unless you would like us to work out a suggested plan for you from now till graduation, in which case you will need to make an appointment at least a day in advance.

If you completed IGETC but haven't gotten credit for your GE's on your DPR, or if your American History and Institutions requirement or English Composition requirement is still bolded, check with your College counseling unit (A-316 Murphy, or AAP, Honors or Athletics).