Department Leadership

Name Title
Dr. Amander Clark MCDB Department Chair
Dr. Jeff Long MCDB Department Vice Chair for Education
Cell and Developmental Biology Home Area Director
Dr. Dan Cohn Vice Chair for Promotions


NameResearch Interest
John AdamsBiology of nucleic acid binding proteins 
Utpal BanerjeeMolecular genetics of metabolism and development 
Siobhan BraybrookMechanobiology of development 
Jau-Nian ChenDevelopment of Vertebrate Cardiovascular System 
Amander ClarkMolecular Regulation of Stem Cell and Germline Biology 
Daniel CohnDevelopment of the skeleton and human skeletal disorders. 
Hilary CollerMolecular basis of cellular quiescence 
Arjun DebCardiac repair and regeneration, wound healing, progenitors, fibroblasts 
Bob GoldbergUsing Genomics to Understand Seed Development 
Andrew GoldsteinCancer biology, stem/progenitor cells and metabolism 
Volker HartensteinNeuronal development in Drosophila 
Ann HirschMolecular Analysis of Plant-Microbe Interactions; Development of DNA-based Methods to Authenticate Botanicals 
Luisa Iruela-ArispeVascular Biology / Angiogenesis 
Steven JacobsenGenetic and molecular studies of DNA and histone methylation and their role in the control of gene expression. 
Tracy JohnsonMechanisms of pre-mRNA splicing and processing; the role of chromatin modification in gene expression 
Leanne JonesRegulation of stem cell behavior during development and in response to aging and changes in metabolism 
Frank LaskiGenetic Analysis of Drosophila Development 
Chentao LinPhotoreceptors and Plant Development 
Shuo LinHematopoiesis, Vasculogenesis, Modeling Human Diseases using Zebrafish and and Functional Genomics 
Jeffrey LongTranscription factor networks and chromatin modifications involved in plant embryonic patterning and stem cell formation 
William LowryElucidating the mechanisms of cell fate determination 
Karen LyonsGrowth Factor Signaling in Mammalian Development and Disease 
Hanna MikkolaMolecular Basis of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Development 
Austin NakanoHeart development, stem cell biology 
Luke NikolovGenetic, Developmental, and Evolutionary Basis of Nectary Formation 
Matteo PellegriniComputational methods to interpret genomic data 
Alvaro SagastiSensory axon and skin development in zebrafish 
Pavak ShahNeuronal development, synaptogenesis, and circuit function in C. elegans 
Jesse ZamudioNoncoding RNA in disease and development 

Active Emeriti

NameResearch Interest
John FesslerDrosophila molecular development, matrix structure 
James LakeGenomics and bioinformatics, including the evolution and origin of genomes 
John MerriamGenetic Analysis in Drosophila 

Adjunct Faculty, Lecturers and Academic Coordinators

NameResearch Interest
Ira ClarkAssociate Director for the Minor in Biomedical Research 
Cory Evans 
Amy FluittLecturer for Minor in Biomedical Research 
Katie GallagherLecturer for Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology 
Mitra HooshmandLecturer for Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology 
Peiyun LeeLecturer for Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology 
Nat PrunetAdjunct Assistant Professor; Director of the MCDB/BSCRC Microscopy Core Facility 
Rafael Romero 
Kirsten TurloLecturer for Minor in Biomedical Research