Join MCDB Listserv

The MCDB Undergraduate Google Group is designed to keep you up to date on news relevant to the MCDB major. You will be sent e-mails about scheduling and course changes, career and internship opportunities, science in the news, seminar topics and presentations, and other items of interest.

To subscribe, send an email to MCDBIO-L+subscribe@lists.ucla.edu.  (You do not have to enter anything in the body of the email.  If your email service asks for a subject, you can enter “subscribe”, but this is not necessary for the subscription request to be processed.)

You will receive an email from the group.  This message could go to your JUNK MAIL folder – please look for it.

Open the email and select “Join the Group”.  You will be directed to the Google Groups website.  A box will appear that says “Apply to join the MCDB group”.  Check the setting options, and select the “Apply to join this group” button.

After joining the group, you will receive an email confirmation that your request has been approved.