Basic Information

The Molecular, Cell, and, Developmental Biology Undergraduate Advisor is:

Maggie Schmall
128 Hershey Hall
(310) 267-5908

For office hours please see the Advising page.

College Counseling

College counselors are located in A-316 Murphy Hall. If you are part of AAP, Athletics, or College Honors, your College counselors are located in those offices:

AAP: 1209 Campbell Hall

Athletics: Morgan Center

College Honors: A-311 Murphy Hall

They have jurisdiction over everything except your major requirements. They can help with petitions, GE requirements, or the proficiency requirements. Become familiar with the College Counseling website at: www.ugeducation.ucla.edu/counseling, especially the Rules and Regulations page.

The UCLA Career Center

The UCLA Career Center gives pre-professional advising and information on professional schools such as medical, dental, veterinary and physical therapy programs. They also advise on graduate and law schools. The Career Center can help you choose a program, establish a file for your letters of recommendation and coordinate your applications to professional or graduate schools. You can contact the Career Center at the Strathmore Building, 2nd floor (corner of Westwood Plaza and Strathmore Blvd). They are open from 9:00AM – 5:00PM. Visit their website at: www.career.ucla.edu

The Life Science Core Office

For information on Life Sciences 7A, 7B, 7C, 23L,107, 30A, 30B, 40, and other courses listed under Life Sciences, stop by 2305 Life Sciences Building, (310) 825-6614, or go to www.lscore.ucla.edu