Undergraduate Research – MCDB 193/194A Enrollment

MCDB 193 (Faculty Journal Club) and/or MCDB 194A (Faculty Lab Meeting Credit)

All students who enroll in or MCDB 196A-B, MCDB 199, MCDB 199A-B,C,D, MCDB 198A-B,C,D with the sponsorship of an MCDB faculty member will also be enrolled in MCDB 194A and MCDB 193.

You do not have to be an MCDB major to enroll in these units; at the same time, they are not available to MCDB majors w/outside faculty sponsors.

  • MCDB 193 (Faculty Journal Club credit) is offered on P/NP basis ONLY, for 1 unit.
  • MCDB 194A (Faculty Lab Meeting credit) is offered on letter grade basis, for 1 unit.
  • These one-unit courses do not count for major credit.
  • These courses do not count toward your unit max (stated on your DPR).
  • Because MCDB 194A and 193 are tied to the departmental faculty members’ teaching credit, students enrolled in MCDB research courses with faculty sponsors outside MCDB are not eligible to be enrolled in these units.
  • These units can only benefit you and your MCDB research sponsor.

Please be advised of your personal responsibilities regarding enrollment in MCDB Research Courses and MCDB 194A/193:

  • After being enrolled in the research course (196, 198, 199), if you are already enrolled in 17 units or fewer when I try, you will be enrolled in both MCDB 194A and 193.
  • If you were already enrolled in 18 units, you were ONLY enrolled in MCDB 194A.
  • If you are already enrolled in 19 units or more with the research course, you will be enrolled in NEITHER MCDB 193 or 194A, nor will I contact you to let you know that you have exceeded your enrollment limit.
  • It would involve too much effort to require students to petition for excess study units just to accommodate these units.  You may do so, if you wish, during the first week of the quarter.  These petitions are usually approved by the College Counselors very quickly.  I enroll students in the 193/194A units on Thursday or Friday of second week.
  • Bottom line:  Please consider it your own responsibility to avoid having a problem of any kind or incurring a charge…. By checking your study list both BEFORE you submit a request to enroll in an MCDB research course, and then by checking again after 5pm on Friday of 2nd week to make sure that you understand exactly what you have been enrolled in and how it affects you.