Undergraduate Research – Laboratory Safety

Lab Safety Training BEFORE Beginning Research

  • Students are advised to sign up for training well in advance of enrollment deadlines.
  • Effective Fall 2020: During the process of creating a contract, MyUCLA will electronically verify the student’s Lab Safety Fundamental Concepts (LSFC) training status.  Students who have satisfied the training requirement will be allowed to create their contracts normally and their safety training status will be displayed on the contract.  Students who have not satisfied the training requirement will be given a link to safety training website and will not be allowed create a contract until their safety training requirement has been verified.  In most cases, verification can be done in real-time, but students will be warned that it may take up to 24 hours to verify their status after they have completed the safety training class.

All students, volunteers, and staff members must receive the proper training BEFORE they begin working in the laboratory. The following information outlines minimum training requirements and additional resources:

  • The “Laboratory Safety Fundamentals” class is required for all students, volunteers, and staff in laboratories. The classroom course has been replaced with an Online Training Course.  To access the new online course, please visit worksafe.ucla.edu.  After signing in to Worksafe, select “Course Catalog” and then “Online Course Catalog” and find   LAB-LSFC-OL “Lab Safety Fundamentals” on the list of courses.
  • The “Laboratory Safety for Principle Investigators/Laboratory Supervisors” class is required for all PIs with laboratories. This class was specifically designed for faculty and supervisors in laboratory settings. Please see the EH&S training schedule for class dates and enrollment instructions.

EH&S Training and Outreach staff are also available by calling 310-794-5328 to answer questions you may have.

If you have any questions or comments regarding laboratory safety, please contact the EH&S Hotline at 310-825-9797 or via email at laboratorysafety@ehs.ucla.edu