Remote Undergraduate Advising

Current MCDB Majors:

Schedule a virtual advising appointment with an MCDB Undergraduate Advisor here: https://my.ucla.edu/directLink.aspx?featureID=3&org=29&type=1.

Non-MCDB Majors:

Send an email to undergradmcdb@lifesci.ucla.edu to schedule a virtual advising appointment with an MCDB undergraduate advisor.

MCDB Undergraduate Advisors: Connie Firestone and Maggie Schmall
Office Location:  128 Hershey Hall (Connie) and 126 Hershey Hall (Maggie)

E-mail:  undergradmcdb@lifesci.ucla.edu
Phone/voice mail: (310) 825-7109

MCDB Undergraduate Counseling Office Hours:

Counseling is generally available on a drop-in basis on Monday through Friday from 9:00AM – 12:00PM and 1:30PM – 4:00PM.

During Week 0, Week 1, Week 2, and finals week, there are lots of students who need my help with enrollment and other types of really acute issues. So if you just want to see me to plan future quarters, change your major to MCDB, or be cleared to graduate, it is a much better idea to plan to come in during Weeks 3-10 when I can give you more time.

Please note: Office hours above are subject to change at any time. Updated weekly schedules will be posted on the MCDB Undergraduate Office door (128 Hershey Hall) and sent to subscribed students through the MCDB listserv. You can sign-up for the listserv by following the instructions on our website:  “Undergraduate News”.