MCDB Undergraduate Advisors: Connie Firestone and Maggie Schmall
Office Location:  128 Hershey Hall (Connie) and 126 Hershey Hall (Maggie)

E-mail:  undergradmcdb@lifesci.ucla.edu

Undergraduate Advising

Current MCDB Majors:

Schedule a 30-minute virtual or in-person advising appointment with an MCDB Undergraduate Advisor here: https://my.ucla.edu/directLink.aspx?featureID=3&org=29&type=1.

Have a quick question? The MCDB Undergraduate Counselors are also available to meet with students for short sessions (5-10 minutes) during our regular virtual drop-in counseling hours:

Wednesday:  9:00AM – 12:00PM (no drop-in on 3/29/23)

Thursday: 1:00PM – 4:00PM (no drop-in on 3/30/23)

Use this link:  https://ucla.zoom.us/j/95295607743  You will enter a waiting room and be admitted when a counselor is available.

Non-MCDB Majors:

Send an email to undergradmcdb@lifesci.ucla.edu to schedule a virtual advising appointment with an MCDB undergraduate advisor.