Jau-Nian Chen

Professor and MCDB Vice Chair of Academic Personnel

email: chenjn@mcdb.ucla.edu
phone: (310) 206-4513
office: 450C Biomedical Sciences Research Building
lab website

Research Interests

The cardiovascular system is the first functioning organ during development. Abnormalities in the formation and/or function of the heart and vessels often lead to embryonic lethality or cause severe health issues in the adult. Our laboratory uses a multidisciplinary approach and the zebrafish model to understand the genetic, molecular and cellular basis of the cardiovascular system during normal development and in diseases.

Several unique features make zebrafish ideal for genetic and embryological studies. For instance, the transparent nature of zebrafish embryos provides easy access to observe and study organ development in live embryos. From classic and chemical genetic screens, we have identified mutations and compounds that affect proper patterning or function of the heart and vessels in the zebrafish. We are now using these mutants and compounds as points of entry to study questions about (1) molecular hierarchies important for the formation and cardiac progenitor cells; (2) molecular and cellular mechanisms for cardiac chamber maturation; (3) molecular and physiological mechanisms by which rhythmic cardiac contraction is maintained and by which cardiac arrhythmia occurs.

Selected Publications

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