Ira Ira_Clark

Associate Director for the Minor in Biomedical Research

phone: 75679
office: 220A Hershey
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Research Interests

Selected Publications

Andrews S., Snowflack D.R., Clark I.E., Gavis E.R., "Multiple mechanisms collaborate to repress nanos translation in the Drosophila ovary and embryo", RNA 17: 967-977 (2011).

Clark, I.E.*, Romero-Calderon, R.*, Olson, J.M., Jaworski, L., Lopatto, D. and Banerjee, U., "?Deconstructing? scientific research ? a practical and scalable pedagogical tool to provide evidence-based science instruction", PLoS Biology 7 (12): (2009).

Yun, J., Cao, J.H., Dodson, M.W., Clark, I.E., Kapahi, P., Chowdhury, R.B. and Guo, M., "Loss-of-function analysis suggests that Omi/HtrA2 is not an essential component of the pink1/parkin pathway in vivo", J. Neuroscience 28: 14500-14510 (2008).

Clark, I.E.*, Dodson, M.W.*, Jiang, C.*, Cao, J.H., Huh, J.R., Seol, J.H., Yoo, S.J., Hay, B.A. and Guo, M, "Drosophila pink1 is required for mitochondrial function and interacts genetically with parkin", Nature 441: 1162-1166 (2006).

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Forrest, K.M., Clark, I.E., Jain, R.A. and Gavis, E.R., "Temporal complexity within a translational regulatory element in nanos mRNA", Development 131: 5849-5857 (2004).

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