William Lowry

email: blowry@mcdb.ucla.edu
phone: (310) 794-5175
office: 451A BSRB
lab website

Research Interests

Elucidating the mechanisms of cell fate determination

Mammals have evolved a myriad of methods by which diverse tissues are specified, develop, and then are maintained by stem cells. Our lab is focused on the transcriptional mechanisms that underlie each of these processes to not only understand development, but also cancer, where these processes go awry. Our lab uses human pluripotent stem cells to model the acquisition of cell fate early in the embryo, and adult mice to model the de-differentiation that is the basis for cancer formation.

Selected Publications

Hyeongsun Moon, Leanne R. Donahue, Eunju Choi, Philip O. Scumpia, William E. Lowry, Jennifer K. Grenier, Jerry Zhu, Andrew C. White, "Melanocyte Stem Cell Activation and Translocation Initiate Cutaneous Melanoma in Response to UV Exposure", Cell Stem Cell (2017).

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