Nat Prunet

Adjunct Assistant Professor; Director of the MCDB/BSCRC Microscopy Core Facility

phone: (310) 267-5772
office: 5125 Terasaki Life Sciences Building

Research Interests

I am an Assistant Professor and the Director of the MCDB/BSCRC Microscopy Core Facility, where I teach Biology and Microscopy. Before opting for a career in microscopy, I trained as a plant developmental biologist, a field I chose for the wealth of imaging possibilities it offers. During my PhD and postdoc, I used a variety of widefield and confocal microscopy techniques to investigate the formation of flower buds at the tip of the stem in model plant Arabidopsis thaliana, and the genes and hormones that control this process. As a microscopist, I constantly work at the intersection of Science and Art (or SciArt) and this artistic aspect has long been an important driver for my work.

Selected Publications

Yang W, Schuster C, Prunet N, Dong Q, Landrein B, Wightman R and Meyerowitz EM, "Visualization of protein-coding, long non-coding and nuclear RNAs by FISH in sections of Arabidopsis shoot apical meristem and developing flowers", Plant Physiology, - (2019) [link].

Prunet N, "My favourite flowering image: an Arabidopsis inflorescence expressing fluorescent reporters for the APETALA3 and SUPERMAN genes", Journal of Experimental Botany - Flowering Newsletter, - (2018) [link].

Xu Y, Prunet N, Gan E-S, Wang Y, Stewart D, Wellmer F, Huang J, Jack TP, Meyerowitz EM, Ito T, "SUPERMAN regulates floral whorl boundaries through control of auxin biosynthesis", EMBO Journal, - (2018) [link].

Prunet N, "Live confocal imaging of the Arabidopsis flower", Journal of Visualized Experiments, 122 : - (2017) [link].

Prunet N*, Yang W, Das P, Meyerowitz EM* and Jack TP, "SUPERMAN prevents class B gene expression and promotes stem cell termination in the fourth whorl of Arabidopsis thaliana flowers", PNAS, 114 (27): 7166-7171 (2017) [link].

Prunet N*, Jack TP and Meyerowitz EM, "Live confocal imaging of Arabidopsis flower buds", Developmental Biology, 419 (1): 114-120 (2016) [link].

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Prunet N, Morel P, Champelovier P, Thierry AM, Negrutiu I, Jack TP and Trehin C, "SQUINT promotes stem cell homeostasis and floral meristem termination in Arabidopsis through APETALA2 and CLAVATA signalling", Journal of Experimental Botany, 66 (21): 6905-6916 (2015) [link].

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