Undergraduate Research

Why do research as an undergraduate student?

  • How to Get Research Experience
  • To learn how the knowledge is acquired
  • To find out what may you want to do after graduation
  • To gain job experience and to prepare for the job market or further education

Research Opportunities in MCDB

  • SRP (Student Research Program)
  • 196A, B (Fulfills MCDB Lab Requirement)
  • 199 (Single Quarter Research)
  • 199A, B, C, D (Multi-Quarter Research)
  • 198A-B, C, D (Honors Research)
  • HHMI
  • Courses related to research (190A-C, 193, 194A)

How to start research

  1. Browse the online faculty research activitIes in MCDB.
  2. Decide what type of research interests you the most.
  3. Send an e-mail to the faculty member to discuss your intention of doing research in his/her laboratory.
  4. Follow the instructions for enrollment for 199199AB, or 198ABCD.