Undergraduate Research – MCDB 196A and 196B

Winter/Spring 2021 MCDB 196A/B and MCDB 180A/B

Application Instructions


MCDB 196A/B Research Apprenticeship I & II

Students who plan to fulfill their MCDB laboratory requirement by completing two consecutive quarters of MCDB 196A and 196B with concurrent enrollment in the research seminars MCDB 180A and 180B must apply week 6 of the preceding quarter in which you plan to begin 196A.  Please review all the information on this webpage, as well as the forms available for download in the section below.  If you have questions after reviewing all the material, please contact the Undergraduate Counselor at undergradmcdb@lifesci.ucla.edu, or the Undergraduate Office located at 128 Hershey Hall.

  • MCDB 196A may only be taken when the MCDB 180A seminar is offered.
  • MCDB 196B must be completed the following quarter with 180B.
  • MCDB 180A and 180B are usually offered once a year.  Check with the MCDB Undergraduate Counselor to determine which quarters they will be offered.

Who Is Eligible To Apply For MCDB 196A/B and 180A/B?

If you:

  • Are doing research with an MCDB faculty member, or a faculty member listed on the MCDB Eligible Faculty Research Sponsors list (available in the MCDB Undergraduate Office);
  • Have completed LS3, 23L and LS4 OR LS7A, 7B, 7C, 23L, and 107;
  • Have completed or are completing at least one quarter in the lab either as a volunteer or enrolled in SRP 99 or 199 (MCDB 199, BMR 199, or in the faculty mentor’s department);
  • Have at least a 3.0 overall and major GPA.  If you do not have a major GPA at the time, then your prep GPA must be 3.0 or higher.

How do I Apply For MCDB 196A/B and 180A/B?

All of the following forms must be submitted to the MCDB Undergraduate Office by 5:00PM on Friday of week 6 of the preceding quarter in which MCDB 180A is offered.

  1. Undergraduate Researcher Application & Acknowledgment Form
  2. MCD BIO 196A Contract (See instructions on application form)
  3. Research Project Proposal Guidelines
  4. Faculty Mentoring Agreement
  5. Certification of In-Lab or Remote Research Project
Lab Safety Fundamentals Certificate – Effective Fall 2020

You no longer need to submit a safety certificate.  My UCLA will verify your safety training status when contract is created.  For more information see Laboratory Safety.

The seminars, MCDB 180A (2 units) and 180B (2 units) will be taken concurrently with MCDB 196A and 196B.  They will focus on presentation and discussion of the research literature and of each student’s independent research project, and are designed to further enhance your research experience and expose you to the process of scientific discovery by providing hands-on experience applying the scientific method.

How Will These Courses Be Applied To My Major Requirements?

MCDB 196A (4 units) – applied toward the MCDB electives

MCDB 196B (4 units) – fulfill the laboratory requirement

MCDB 180A/B (4 units) – applied toward the MCDB electives

Note:  The MCDB major allows up to 4 units of seminar credit to be applied to the major electives.  If you complete 180A/B and also take MCDB 191 to complete MCDB Departmental Honors requirements, the 191 seminar will not be applied toward the MCDB electives.

MCDB 193 (Journal Club) and MCDB 194A (Lab Meeting) credit:

If you are working in an MCDB faculty member’s lab, you may be enrolled in these units.  See “MCDB 193/194A Enrollment”.