February 1, 2021

12pm (noon) -1pm
Please contact Stacey at santoniuk@mcdb.ucla.edu for zoom information.

Nicole M. Martinez, PhD
Yale University

"Uncovering new functions of RNA modifications in mRNA processing"

Emerging evidence indicates that eukaryotic messenger RNAs are extensively decorated with modified nucleosides that have the potential to regulate eukaryotic gene expression through effects on mRNA metabolism. This talk will describe the discovery that the RNA modification pseudouridine is installed co-transcriptionally to pre-mRNA at thousands of positions by multiple pseudouridine synthases, revealing an endogenous function of pre-mRNA pseudouridylation in pre-mRNA processing. This function of pseudouridine synthases is important for our understanding of the many diseases associated with human pseudouridine synthase dysregulation.

Live virtual zoom - Seminar
Host: Dr. Alvaro Sagasti