March 16, 2022

Boyer 159

Kirsten Turlo, Ph.D.
Lecturer, UCLA Biomedical Research Minor

"Diversity in Our STEM Ranks: Describing Data, Finding Hope and Seeing Change"

This seminar addresses published literature on racial representation in STEM faculty, data on inequities in NIH research grant award rates and data on racial disparities in STEM graduate student progress. We will report our data on the impact of having open and honest conversations with undergraduates about inequities in STEM, assessed as part of our Biomedical Research 1A: Science in Your Time course. From this talk, new perspectives will be gained on the extent of racial disparities that exist in STEM at all levels. More importantly, we hope that the data will help develop personal strategies for creating a more inclusive environment for students and colleagues. Ultimately, our goal is to describe the status of racial disparities in STEM in the US and find the principles of progress as a community of scientists.